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(E) (F) (G) Partition Builds

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XMugen Engine is my new multi-boot mugen game engine concept that will allow a user to have more than one single mugen game pack created by me installed on their XBox hard drive. XMugen Engine simulates behavior like an emulator with a front-end using a stripped down version of UnleashX and my mini distribution of mugen linux 2.0
Compatibility, Features & Requirements:
*Original Modded XBox Console Only*
*SoftMod or HardMod:
*Front End Skin Selector:
*Partitioned on (E) (F) (G):
*File Manager and Settings:
*Reset XMugen or Exit to Dashboard:
*Swapfile added during boot process for loading performance.
*Video and Picture previews, as well as IGR, and networking.
*More controllers supported, like arcade sticks and various console for pc type.
*Hard Drive size 140GB to 250GB cluster set at 16kb: (Will Update to 32/64K & larger HD in Testing! )
*New cache management on Z drive automatically created of 512MB instead of 128MB.
*InGame Display Modes:HD Tv:480p, 720p, Vesa:640x480,800x600. XBox:640x480,800x600.
Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2021 3:32 am
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